Security at Social Filter

How does Social Filter keep my data secure?

We employ various best-practice techniques to keep everything secure. Some things we do to help keep your data safe:

  • We encrypt all website traffic using HTTPS/TLS.
  • We write our code to prevent some common attacks, such as injection attacks, XSS (cross site scripting) attacks, and session hijacking.
  • We update our systems regularly to get the latest security patches.
  • We use trusted and secured vendors for external services.

How is my credit card data kept safe?

Social Filter securely processes all credit data through Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider that processes billions of dollars of transactions a year for over a hundred thousand companies.

Even though you enter your payment information into Social Filter, your payment info is sent directly to Stripe without ever touching our servers.

Do you know my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram password?

Nope. Instead of directly providing your password to your social media, you grant us read only access to your social media accounts. This allows our software to read your posts without you having to worry about us changing anything on your account. If you no longer wish to give Social Filter access to your accounts, you can easily revoke access to the Social Filter app in your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram settings (usually under a section called something such as "Apps" or "Connected Websites").

This authentication is done using the tools provided by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the secure, industry-standard OAuth protocol.

What data do you store and how do you use it?

We document what data we collect and why we collect it in our privacy policy. We strive to collect your data as secure and ethical as possible and we never sell your data.

Your privacy is important to us, so feel free to contact us if you do not understand a part of our privacy policy or you seek more information.

Do you ever sell my data?

No. More information on this is found in our privacy policy.