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Unprofessional content on social media threatens your job in law enforcement...

Despite the First Amendment

"The First Amendment does not protect police officers and other public employees from discipline for speech-related activities." — PoliceOne

In Background Checks

"Your youthful indiscretions will often return to haunt you." — POLICE Magazine

Even if Your Account is Private

"The officer’s Facebook account was private, but that didn’t stop the department from booting him." — Forbes

Social Media use by officers is not cut and dry. Even though they are only human, police officers are held to a higher standard. We work with law enforcement officers, police academy instructors and background investigators to meet the needs of the law enforcement community.

Social Filter scans for:

  • Profanity, sexual/grotesque content, and slang
  • Political content
  • Potentially offensive or controversial content
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Violent content

Social Filter helps you improve your personal brand and maintain a positive social media image.

Here's how.

Step One

Grant Social Filter read-only access to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Because we get read only access, we never see your password and cannot post, friend, or follow. Read more on account security...

Step Two

Review your custom social media report. The report is constructed using Social Filter's vast wealth of research about what agencies look for, along with its proprietary algorithms that use natural language processing.

Step Three

Pick and choose the flagged posts that you want to remove, hide, or keep. You can edit and delete as few or as many of your flagged posts as you'd like.

Pay only if you're satisfied.

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Worry about protecting your community, not your reputation on social media.

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