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Social Filter helps you clean up your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, so you can present your best self to recruiters, hiring managers, and admissions officers.

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One inappropriate post or tweet can ruin your chances of...

Getting Into College

40% of college admissions officers review students’ social media accounts during the application process. — Kaplan Test Prep

Meeting Future Employers

92% of recruiters use social media to screen applicants. — Adweek

Landing Your Dream Job

54% of employers who use social media to vet candidates decided not to hire a candidate based on an applicant’s social media profile. — CareerBuilder

I was skeptical at first and thought I wouldn’t need this. But after giving it a try, I was shocked to see all these embarrassing and immature posts from high school that I would never want my potential employer to see.

Stephanie P
Marketing Manager

I had previously spent hours and hours going through my Facebook to try to find and remove content that could be viewed as offensive. In about a moment's time, Social Filter caught the content that I had previously missed and helped me quickly delete it too!

Eric T
MBA Candidate

Before submitting my applications for college, a friend recommended I use Social Filter to clean my Facebook and Twitter profiles. I couldn’t believe some of the posts I was tagged in from a few years ago.

Matt G
High School Senior

Here's how it works.

Step One

Grant Social Filter read-only access to your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts. Because we get read only access, we never see your password and cannot post, friend, or follow. Read more on account security...

Step Two

Review your custom social media report. The report is constructed using Social Filter's proprietary algorithms that use natural language processing along with thousands of datapoints to construct your report.

Step Three

Pick and choose the flagged posts that you want to remove, hide, or keep. You can edit and delete as few or as many of your flagged posts as you'd like.

Don’t let old social media posts stand in the way of your success.

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